Davy Crockett

by Christopher on June 8, 2015

Evan did a wax museum project at school where he dressed up as someone famous.
He chose Davy Crockett.



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Fishing Theme Easter Basket

by Christopher on April 5, 2015

Last year was the first time I took Evan fishing and he really enjoyed it.  Although the last few times he seemed to get bored/distracted quickly.

I want to take him a lot this year and hopefully he likes the idea of a fishing themed Easter basket.


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Not very good ice cream

by Christopher on March 22, 2015

So Evan comes over to my desk and sticks his finger in a nearly empty bowl and licks it.  He immediately is like “Yuck, that’s not very good ice cream!”.

No, no it isn’t.  It’s actually ranch dressing.


Dinner as a parent

by Christopher on September 13, 2014


Soccer Shoot Out

by Christopher on September 8, 2014




Evan picking up his trophy for First Place in the Soccer Shootout.

He moves on to compete in the State shootout.


Well done!




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