I can draw the plan.

by Christopher on November 2, 2013

I was playing  The Cave tonight with Evan and we had to figure out how to get around this dragon that breathed fire.  We get three guys and one of them has a shield but he can’t move and there is a door on the other side behind the dragon with the treasure we need to get.  I thought about it and told him I have a plan.  Before I explained it, he said he knows the plan.  I started explain it, and he said “I know the plan, I can draw the plan.  I can draw the plan.  In fact, I want to draw the plan.”.

So we paused and he drew the plan.

On the left is the knight in the shield that surrounds him, and Evan coming around the dragon to steal the treasure.  Hard to see as he just drew it really quick, but it was pretty awesome.

11-2-2013 11-10-20 PM


Disco Zombie

by Christopher on January 24, 2013

Evan & Jean got me the Disco Zombie & Pea Shooter from the game “Plants Vs Zombies” for Christmas.



Today Evan drew me a picture of the Disco Zombie.  One of his best drawings yet.  So awesome!

1-24-2013 5-02-49 PM



Tissue Box

by Christopher on July 12, 2012

I don’t know what it is, but this is one of my favorite things Evan made me.  He made it a long time ago with Jean and I just ran out of tissues not to long ago.


Water Guns & Hearts

by Christopher on April 17, 2012

Yesterday Evan and I had an Evan & Daddy day.  I made a point to do everything he wanted, a few things he wanted to do for a few days but we just didn’t get around to doing.  We went through the car wash and I picked up some squirt guns & water balloon which we played outside for quite a while.  We ended up watching He-Man & She-Ra while eating “healthy” popcorn.

Today we were playing “Silly Faces” and he wanted to do some drawing.  Best drawing ever!  Almost started to cry I loved it so much.

“Love Evan to Dad”

It is us having a water gun fight w/ water balloons and some hearts thrown  in.


I love you a ton

by Christopher on April 9, 2012