Our lil’ photographer!

by Christopher on April 5, 2009

I let Evan use Jean’s point and click camera the other day, Evan really enjoyed it.  In fact he threw a fit like nothing I ever seen when I tried to put it away.  I ended up picking up a camera for him, I was sure he would enjoy it since I take so many pictures he knows I use one all the time.  It seems to be a big hit!  Although it is pretty indestructable the pictures are fairly useless from it, I am considering taking it back and just getting him a real camera but something really cheap, point and click cameras these days are pretty durable anyway.  These cheap “toy” cameras for kids are $50-80 bucks anyway, I can get a real camera for that price anyway.  Still on the fence, but he looks likes he enjoys it anyway.



Going Home

by Christopher on May 28, 2007

Finally!  We get to go home!

Let's go home!


Those Damn Billy Bobs!

by Christopher on May 26, 2007

Well it looks like Evan’s liver isn’t kicking in as fast as some would like.  Apparently his Billy Bobs (technical term for Bilirubin) count is too high and they are doing light treatment.  The net result of this is we don’t get to spend much time with Evan and he looks like he is an alien!

I want to hold you!

Alien Spaceship

Alien Spaceship


Family and Friends

by Christopher on May 24, 2007

We spent a lot of time with family and friends today.  Even more time feeding and goggling at Evan.  Evan has his own website already!

Evan is taking a nap, while we try to recover.

Night Night

Night Night


Hello World

by Christopher on May 23, 2007

On May 23, 2007 my life in a way I never expected; at least prior to nine months ago, changed forever.   At 6:54pm EST I became the father of a little baby boy.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

After waiting 14 hours for labor began, we finally get the signal that we are about to have a baby.  After being in labor for a couple hours, it is apparent Jean’s pelvis will not pass a child safely.  During this time, the nurses kept reminding me to get off my laptop and do something better with myself.  We still did not have a name for our son, so we were reading off baby names trying to come to a decision.

Within 10 minutes we were in the operating room and starting a C-Section.  This had to be one of the most difficult times of my life.  I was told a C-Section will take an half an hour, mean while my heart is racing like I ran a marathon and Jean is sliding on the table left and right as they tugged and pulled to find our baby!

I could tell she was as nervous as I was, and I tried to say everything I could to make her comfortable.  At about an hour in, I probably asked four to five times if everything is all right and what is taking so long.  It is only afterward I find out 1hr – 1hr and half is about normal time and that thirty minutes was only for emergency C-Sections.  I sure wish I knew that when I went into the operating room.


Ok, now I think we are getting somewhere!  Either someone just finished watching “The Notebook” or our baby just took his first breath!  Minutes later I have my son looking straight at me wondering who turned on the lights.

printf( "Hello world!\\n" );

Daddy Time!

For the next 20 minutes I am playing “pass the baby” with the nurses.   As much as I wanted to hold mini-me, I was so scared something was going wrong with Jean that I had to ask if the Nurses could take care of him.   I was so worried I would drop him because at this point I really started getting the shakes.  It just really hit me I was a dad, and I was scared stupid that the surgery wasn’t going well.  I don’t think the nurses understood my predicament as they kept giving my son back to me.  Thinking back, I feel like an awful father for not wanting to hold his own son!


After the doctor tells me they are finished and everything went well, I begin to breath again.  Try holding your breath for 1hr and 30 minutes while your heart feels like it is going to explode, it is not fun!

Sometime during this whole fiasco we finally decide on a name for our baby boy.

Welcome to the world Evan!


20" & 8lbs. 2oz.

8lbs. 2oz. & 20″

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