Just Because

All moved in!

by Christopher on December 23, 2015

We finally moved into our new home after spending over a year partially packed up trying to sell our home and find one we like.  Evan wasn’t happy about moving, and wanted to stay but now he loves the new house.  Will love it even more so when we open the pool next year.

IMG_4216 IMG_4214 IMG_4213 IMG_4212


Seeing Roll up windows for the first time

by Christopher on December 1, 2015



Not very good ice cream

by Christopher on March 22, 2015

So Evan comes over to my desk and sticks his finger in a nearly empty bowl and licks it.  He immediately is like “Yuck, that’s not very good ice cream!”.

No, no it isn’t.  It’s actually ranch dressing.


Mammal Party

by Christopher on June 22, 2013

I was talking with Evan on the ride home from Krazy Kids about birthday parties and how as an adult we don’t really celebrate them.  He said at least you would have two people, mommy and me.  Then he said three people, with Kitty.  I mentioned Kitty isn’t a person, he disagreed initially then said then we could have a mammal party instead.  Clever way to include Kitty!


Would you want me to come over a lot?

by Christopher on June 12, 2013

Evan has been asking me a lot lately, if I would want him to come over a lot.  Referring to when he grows up and moves out, and if I would want him over for dinner.  All the time, all the time buddy.