Piggy Bank

by Christopher on July 28, 2012

We went camping this week and at the gift store to the Cog Railway they had a Voltron type of robot made from trains.  Evan really wanted it but it was cheaply made and expensive for the quality (only about $20).  He really wanted it and ultimately we gave in but he would  need to pay with his money from the piggy bank.  When we got home, Evan came in and handed me one of his full piggy banks and told me it was for the robot, no regret, not upset at all.   When he handed it to me I was heartbroken and started to tear up.  I didn’t want to take his money, but I couldn’t go back on what we agreed on.

The piggy bank is still sitting on my desk and I refuse to open it.  I later told Evan perhaps he could earn it back by helping out.


What is the point?

by Christopher on October 14, 2011

What is the point of loading a Pez dispenser for 2 minutes when Evan is going to eat them in 60 seconds?


Three Jobs

by Christopher on June 3, 2011

I always tell Evan I have three jobs, and lately he has been asking me “Daddy, what are your three jobs?”

My response is always the same “To love you, to protect you, and to have fun with you.”

I love my job!


Tell me your letters

by Christopher on March 18, 2011

Evan likes to ask me “Who loves me?”

To which I respond “me!”

He then proceeds to ask “Tell me your name!”

To which I respond “Daddy”.

He quickly replies “Tell me your letters!”

“D.a.d.d.y.” is my response.

He then responds “Tell me your letters on a phone call!”


This happens about 2-3 times a day now.
This is then followed up with “Tell me how much you love me!”

I usually respond something along the lines “Lots and lots!” or “Tons!”

“Tell me how much you love me in outer space!” he commands.

“To Pluto, to Jupiter, 16 times around Saturn, to Mars, 36 times around the Moon, 46 times around the Sun, and back to Earth” is my response.

His response “Wow!  That’s a lot.  I love you that much too Daddy.    Plus a million.”

My little secret is that I really love him a lot more than that.


Can you buy me a camera

by Christopher on February 18, 2011

We took Evan to a new indoor playground today and I was driving him home.  I told Evan how much I enjoyed playing with him and taking pictures of him.  He asked me why I like to take pictures and I responded “I love looking at pictures of you and I know you will like seeing the when you are older.  I don’t have many of me when I was younger and I wish I did.”   His response is one of the things I love about him so much “Daddy, can you buy me a camera?  I want to take pictures of you.”  I don’t know how I ended up with the best son in the world.