Charming Fare 7/31/10

by Christopher on July 31, 2010

Had some fun at Charming Fare today, unfortunately Evan got trampled by goats and was not very happy.  They knocked him down and one stepped on him trying to get the food, at the time he only had an empty bag left.  He cried for a while and was very scared, next time we won’t bring food and I hope he is back to his old goat hugging self.  When you ask where he got stepped on he response “my whole body”.  We were lucky enough to have our own private horse drawn hay ride as well.


Feeding the Goats

by Christopher on July 28, 2009

Evan has been having lots of fun with goats lately.  We have taken him to Charming Fare farm quite a bit lately and he loves hanging out with the goats.   We found a new ice cream stand Jean likes a lot, it also has a few animals you can feed.  Well of course Evan’s favorite is the goats!  You have to be careful though and keep an eye on him as he likes to give them rocks as well.







Charming Fare Farm Again

by Christopher on July 25, 2009

Some more pictures from a recent visit to Charming Fare Farm, of course the goats were a big hit.  This is the same visit Evan rode the pony for the first time but I put those images in their own post.  Evan does love these goats, although no big hugs this time.


Pony Rides

by Christopher on July 16, 2009

Evan had his first pony ride today at Charming Fare Farm.  He wasn’t too happy about touching the pony’s nose and kept creeping closer to me saying “Daddy, Help Me!”.  I ended up just picking him up and putting him on the pony.  He didn’t seem to have any problem riding the horse, just didn’t want to touch him.  I think it was more the stranger than the horse.   He grabbed onto the saddle right away with two hands and we went down around the short trail; about 3 minutes or so.   Although we could have gone on as many times as we wanted with our Season Pass (they now allow rides with Season Pass holders, about time!), we ended up only going on once because after lunch he wanted to go home instead of seeing the animals again.  After the ride, he did end up patting the pony’s nose.

Judging by the pictures, he doesn’t look at that happy, but he didn’t mind and I think he enjoyed it.  I am pretty sure next time he will run with excitement when he sees the pony.   I will probably be taking him again soon, it is too bad they were not running the hay rides this time, that was the main reason we went down there.





Early trip to the farm

by Christopher on April 12, 2009

We took Evan to the Great Brook Farm the other day, it was a bit cold and windy but we all had a lot of fun.  Evan seemed to enjoy watching the goats the most and didn’t spend much time watching the cows.  I was surprized because he really loves cows but I think it is mainly because the cows were kind of far away where as the goats came right up to you.