apple picking

Apple Picking 2012

by Christopher on September 16, 2012


Finally, Apple Picking!

by Christopher on October 7, 2011

Finally got some nice weather today, and took the family Apple Picking!

Had a lot of fun, went to a new Apple Orchard that had a few more things to do.


Apple Picking 2010

by Christopher on September 25, 2010

Apple Picking!  Not sure if we were at the beginning or the end of the season, but there were not many apples left on the trees.  Had a lot of fun with Jean & Evan today and got a few good pictures.


Pumpkins, Apples, and Corn oh my!

by Christopher on October 3, 2008

Jean, Evan, and I made our annually trip to Lull’s Farm.  Had a lot of fun watching Evan run around and play with the apples and pumkins.  We also got our yearly “baby in the pumpkin patch” pictures.  I can’t believe how cute Evan is, every day I tell Jean over and over and she returns by saying “Let’s have another!”.  Considering our savings got cut in half overnight thanks to the wonderful economy, I am pretty nervious thinking about it.

Anyway, Evan had a blast, Jean had a lot of fun, and well I did too!

And on to the pictures!!!


Apple Picking

by Christopher on September 16, 2007