by Christopher on July 4, 2012

Had an awesome day at the beach.  Evan caught a few crabs at the rocks and as usual spent most of the time digging.


Beach to ourselves

by Christopher on September 11, 2011

Had a great day at the beach, probably our last beach trip this year.  There was virtually no one there and we had the beach to ourselves.  We even found some treasure, a little stinky though.


Good times at the Beach

by Christopher on August 6, 2009

Jean and I went to the beach today with Evan, Auntie, Grammy, and nephew Ben.  I originally planned not going so I can work on my business but changed my mind and took the day off.  It was well worth it as we had a lot of fun and Evan seemed to as well.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find Jean’s camera (which is now officially Evan’s) and I wasn’t going to take my main gear to the beach, so I have no pictures.  I was not very happy about this and almost took my camera anyway, oh well.

I had a lot of fun though, I played with Evan digging a hole large enough to cover Evan to his head (which he didn’t like standing in).  Evan spent a lot of time digging, but not in one place particularly, he just would shovel once and move on to another spot like he had this big plan but it wasn’t apparent to any of us.  His favorite by far is his shovel and pails as he rarely plays with the trucks when he is in the sandbox.  We noticed early on he really loves shovels.

He went in the water with us a few times (which was very cold).  We would have to hold him above our waist but he really loved the waves coming in.   A few times when Jean and I were in the water, he came running over crying for one of us to pick him up and take him in.  After a while he would say “want to play with toys”, at first he would cry but we are trying to teach him to use his words first rather than just cry to get his way.  Generally he is really good about it, but he does get stubborn at time.

I wish I had a chance to get a picture with his lifeguard outfit on, he looked adorable with his sunglasses, hat, and lifeguard shirt.

By far the best part was went I was digging the hole and Evan wanted to stand next to me to shovel and was walking backwards by the hole and it caved in a little causing him to fall in.  This by far would have been one of my favorite  pictures if I had my camera.  Because I don’t, I thought of an old picture that may give you an idea of what he looked like with his bum in the hole and his arms and legs sticking up.