Fishing Theme Easter Basket

by Christopher on April 5, 2015

Last year was the first time I took Evan fishing and he really enjoyed it.  Although the last few times he seemed to get bored/distracted quickly.

I want to take him a lot this year and hopefully he likes the idea of a fishing themed Easter basket.


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Happy Easter 2014

by Christopher on April 21, 2014



Easter Pancakes

by Christopher on April 9, 2012

Jean made us some Easter pancakes, I’m pretty impressed.


The Easter Whoopie Cushion

by Christopher on April 9, 2012

Jean bought two whoopie cushions for the Easter egg hunt at Auntie Donnie’s house.  Apparently they were not for the likes of Evan because when he found one of them Jean said he couldn’t have it.  I guess it was planned for the older kids.  Well Ben ended up getting one and once Evan saw him playing with it, he thought it was hysterical.  He was very upset he couldn’t have one.  After a quick trip to Walmart, that has been rectified.  He’s been having fun tooting all day.


Twas the night before Easter

by Christopher on April 7, 2012

Twas the night before Easter, not a creature was stirring, except for Evan.  Right when we were about to put his basket under his castle bed he wakes up.  It seems the Easter Bunny makes it another year though.