Fire Station Open House 2012

by Christopher on October 13, 2012

We had some fun today going to the Fire Station Open House & Chili Cook-off.  Evan and I voted for different ones. Evan had fun hanging out with his friends who showed up and watching a car get ripped apart with the jaws of life, a car on fire, and going through the smoke house.  Surprisingly his favorite thing seemed to be throwing bean bags at the cats on the shelf.  Although he thought the three events above were really cool, he kept wanting to go back to the bean bag toss.



“Dementos” Volcano

by Christopher on August 26, 2012


Vacation Part One: Nickelodeon Hotel

by Christopher on August 22, 2012

Before our Disney cruise, we planned a secret stop at Nickelodeon Hotel so Evan could see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in person.  While waiting for our flight, Evan had some fun playing in the airplane kids lounge.

We finally got into Florida without any problems.  On the flight I decided to tell Evan we would be meeting the ninja turtles.  Although he seemed excited, he wasn’t as excited as I thought he would be.  He seemed pretty excited on the taxi ride to the hotel (for the most part).

Upon reaching the hotel, I think Evan realized we really going to hang out with the ninja turtles.

Unfortunately they didn’t have ninja turtle rooms, it was either Sponge Bob or Dora.  Evan was quite disappointed he didn’t get a “Sponge Bob” bed and it was just a wall painting.

Didn’t take much to cheer him up…

Off to check out the water park…

We went to an uneventful dinner, although we got to see Sponge Bob and Patrick in the water on the way there.

I had set us up for the character breakfast for both mornings.  It was mainly Sponge Bob & Dora and their friends (Blues Clue, Patrick, Ming Ming, and so on).  Evan thought it was pretty funny to pull Sponge Bob’s tooth.

Evan got to meet Blue.


He really liked Ming Ming even though he tried to eat Evan’s head.


Squidward was, well Squidward…

I think Evan’s favorite character during breakfast was Patrick.  He really liked Ming Ming but he liked doing the “Star Fish” with Patrick and kept watching him throughout breakfast.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

It was dinner time on our second day, off to meet the turtles.  Evan drew each of the turtles and wanted to give them to each turtle.




We first got to meet Michelangelo who we had a lot of fun with.  Although Leonardo is Evan’s favorite, Mikey was the most energetic and engaged the most.  We first met Mikey when they did their entrance and then asked everyone to come pick a turtle to practice ninja moves with.  Michelangelo was right near our table so we went there.


Small pizza break…


Then Donatello came to our table.  All the turtles seemed to like giving Evan noogies which after about two of the turtles did it he was perfectly happy to get.


And then the oddest thing happened…  Mikey came stumbling by like he was sleep walking and walked to the mirror behind our table and just stared at it.  After a few laughs he started to breathe on it and star at it sideways.  Evan thought this was so funny and was pretty close to the best thing that happened on the entire vacation.  We laughed about it a few nights after.  He then came and sat down with us right across from Evan eyeing his pizza.

At this point Leonardo came to our table, but he was no match for Mikey’s antics Evan really liked seeing him.   Oh and Evan grabbed his mouth, which he thought was quite funny.


Finally we got to meet Raphael.  Not much happened here, a little waving, and some confusion, but no noogies.


We stayed for a little and watched another one of their shows start over. I knew what was coming next…




Water Fun

by Christopher on July 4, 2012


Having a little fun at the Museum of Science

by Christopher on July 4, 2012