Painting Fun Again

by Christopher on February 6, 2010

All three of us did some painting yesterday and had lots of fun.  I will post images of the paintings soon, but here are some action shots of the moment.

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Painting again

by Christopher on September 26, 2009

Was hanging out with my best friend today and he mentioned he wanted to paint.  Luckily it wasn’t as messy as last time but we both had a lot of fun.

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by Christopher on July 31, 2009

While Jean was out yesterday, I spent sometime painting with Evan.  I kind of let him do his own thing and didn’t want to put much for restrictions on how he painted.  I did keep the paint bottles separate so they didn’t get mixed but other than that I let him paint where ever and how ever he liked.  Near the end I gave him some tubs of finger paint and he emptied out the red completely and really got upset when I wouldn’t give him the blue to do the same.