New water park

by Christopher on July 27, 2009

Took Evan to a new water park we found out about.  This place was great, two large play sets, splash park, and like three or four swings.  There was an area for picnicking and food service.  I think this is going to become  My secret hideaway with Evan.  I plan on taking him down later this week for a full day.

Surprisingly, Evan didn’t want to go into the water right away, in fact he kept saying “NO!”.  He usually jumps right into the water when we go to Dracutt, so I am not sure what is so different here.  He eventually went in and started having a blast.  Although he didn’t really run into the sprinklers all that much, he did run around in the water and watched other people.  After every lap around the place he would come running to me laughing looking  for me.   Can’t wait to take the nieces and nephews for a big family trip!









I can slide!

by Christopher on February 20, 2009

I can slide! from Christopher on Vimeo.

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