Don’t want to stop playing

by Christopher on August 10, 2009

When Allie and Riley were leaving, I snapped this picture of Evan complaining he didn’t want to stop playing with the swing-set.




by Christopher on August 6, 2009

Evan’s swing set is all setup!  Evan had a lot of fun playing but the best part is when we finally let him outside after it was built and he walked right by it asking for his “Police Car”.  He’s been asking ever since he got home today to play with his Police Car because we mentioned we would be going outside.  When he got out he just walked by it to go to the garage saying “my Police Car”.  He had a lot of fun with the slide, he didn’t touch the ramp, rope ladder, and barely went on the rock wall, which I am not that surprised about.  He did climb the ladder about 20 times or so and went down the slide.  He loves the periscope and telescope a lot.  He went on the glider swing a little with Kristen but we may need to put a baby swing up for him as the regular swings are just too big for him.  He did swing on the rings which was pretty cool, had his legs up over his waist.

He enjoyed driving the truck down the slide and playing in the sand box (although we really don’t have sand in it yet.  Kristen and Jason dropped by with some pizza and Evan dropped two pizza slices on the ground.


New Swingset

by Christopher on August 3, 2009

Evan’s new swing set (his late birthday present) comes in on Thursday!  I got a few cool accessories and went wild with it.  It is amazing how over priced these things are considering they are just wood.  Got the wood ramp, deluxe rope wall, the deluxe rock wall, steering wheel, telescope, and periscope.  I think he will have a ton of fun and will be going nuts on Thursday.  I got to do some work in the backyard so it is all ready.

I hope he loves it as Jean and I have been going back and forth on what we were going to get for a while now.

This isn’t the exact setup we are looking at but it is the same model.  When we have it installed, I will post some pictures.


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