Fire Fighting

by Christopher on June 14, 2011

Grand ma and Grand pa took my best buddy over to the Salem Fire Station.


Touch-A-Truck 2011

by Christopher on May 22, 2011


Touch a Truck 2010

by Christopher on May 18, 2010

Took Evan to the Beverly Touch-A-Truck event again.  Lots of fun, wasn’t raining this time which was nice.


Danvers Touch-A-Truck 2009

by Christopher on July 28, 2009

We found another touch-a-truck event in Danvers and I took Evan over the other day.  It wasn’t very impressive and we didn’t stay for long.  They only had about 7-8 trucks compared to Beverly’s 30+ trucks.  Needless to say I will likely skip it next year, but Evan did have fun although we both got bored very quickly.  Not to mention it was 90+ degrees that day and it felt like 115.


lil’ Fireman

by Christopher on June 10, 2009

I took Evan to the Windham and Salem Fire Department to look at the trucks.  Both deparments were very happy to let Evan look around and check out the trucks.  As usual though, he is more interested in the seat belts than anything else.  I stopped at the Windham Fire Station right before the Strawberry Festival, but most of the pictures are from the other day at the Salem Fire Department.